Calculus Notecard Checklist

You should have the following concepts organized with definitions and/or examples.

Keep in mind, the words "Show", "Verify", or "Prove" mean you must state the definition.

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Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Odd/Even Functions ... graphically & algebraically
Inverse Functions ... graphically & algebraically
  Definition of a Horizontal Asymptote
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Related Rates
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Integration by Parts (LIPET) ... no longer in AB
Special Cases of LIPET ... no longer in AB

Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Total Distance implies
L'Hopitals Rule
Displacement implies
Rate of Growth
Area between curves ... dx ... dy
Improper Integral
Volume of a Solid with known Perpendicular Cross Sections
Disc Method
Washer Method
Shell Method